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About Us


​Dear Business Owner:


My name is Elizabeth (Beth) Geiler and I am the founder and co-owner of Wicked Accurate Bookkeeping Services, LLC.  I have over twenty years of experience in the accounting industry.  


Are you a busy business owner trying to manage juggling servicing your customers while also trying to maintain your books?  Let me help you by taking the stress of recording accounting transactions out of the equation so that you can do what you are best at…running your business and keeping your customers happy.


If you already have an accountant, do you talk with them throughout the year about your business?  Do you hear from them before tax time to discuss tax saving strategies or to do tax planning?  If you only see your accountant when you have your taxes prepared, it’s too late for them to help you.


Do you have to pay your accountant to “fix” your accounting records so that they can prepare your tax return?  I can help you by reconciling your accounting records throughout the year so that come tax time, your books are in good shape.


I welcome the opportunity to meet with you to discuss your bookkeeping, accounting and tax needs.  Please accept my offer of a free half hour consultation.

I look forward to the opportunity to work with you.

Beth Geiler

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